Employee Cyber Hygiene

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Engage employees in cyber security

Most attacks go through employees. Your workforce needs to be part of your defence. You need to win everybody's hearts and minds to get them onboard. Let us help.


We designed our automated online security training to get regular people curious about security. More fun, more personal approach, and less time. Peers acting as champions.

Better awareness

Courses alone won't produce awareness. Employees need to see their personal security issues. Training includes our online service that warns and advises your employees when they are in danger - in a humane way.

Statistics and rewards

Our statistics show how your workforce is making progress. How many did the course? How many signed up for personal protection? Who won?

Are you tired of hearing "humans are the weakest link in security"? We created this service so you can make that link stronger. Employee Cyber Hygiene is occupational health for the online world.

Jani Kenttälä, badrap.io Founder

Jani Kenttälä, badrap.io Founder

Attacks to the company's heart goes through the employees

Invoicing scams, CEO scams, account takeovers and ransomware - they all target people. Once criminals get a foothold, they go after the victim's contacts. That includes friends, colleagues and the employer. Are you responsible for the continuity of your business? Protect your employees to protect your business!

Employees are exposed in their free time

Data breaches in third-party services help criminals to run sophisticated scams against your employees. Employees also use personal devices that are more vulnerable and less protected than their work equipment. You can't fix what is not yours. But you can raise your workforce's immunity and stop attacks where they start.

What do Employee Cyber Hygiene participants say?

"Great initiative. Looking forward to what you have to teach us!"

"I don't want to be connected to any suspicious activities"

"The company's security is not stronger than the weakest link in the chain"

"A nice way to introduce security!"

"Badrap.io is an interesting service"

"Wonder what we can learn"

"If I’m not safe, neither is the employer"

"I want to be safe, and if I learn how to be safe I can pass on my knowledge to others (family, friends, colleagues)"


Employee Cyber Hygiene is part of badrap.io's Full Service -subscription

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