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Discover and protect your cloud assets

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Keep track of your cloud, no fuss

Keep track of your assets, correlate them against security reports, and get warnings. Always and automatically.

Discover your O365 assets

See if your employees are at risk of being used against their employer.

Discover your AWS assets

Map your AWS attack surface and get security warnings for it.

Correlate with reports

Badrap monitors if your assets appear in security researchers' reports.

Get security warnings

If Badrap notices any critical issues, it will notify you via email.

In practice

Security products should be as easy to use as the best consumer services. Let us show you how easy it is to improve your security with Badrap.

Discover your O365 assets

First, you enable the integration and approve the strictest possible set of permissions needed for O365 asset discovery. Then Badrap starts fetching your O365 email addresses and shows them in your asset list.

Three-click setup

When was the last time adopting a new security feature was this easy?

Continuous autodiscovery

Badrap works 24/7 keeping your asset list fresh, as it should be.

Discover your AWS assets

First Badrap instructs you on how to create a new AWS IAM role for asset discovery. It will also provide a readily-made IAM policy with strictest possible permissions for asset discovery. Once enabled, you will see your AWS assets in your asset list, along with the warnings.

Use it yourself

Get an always-up-to-date list of your Internet-facing assets.

Get visibility to your teams

Got many teams working on AWS? This is your way to get visibility to their assets and security issues.

Correlate with reports

Badrap does that automatically for you. We receive reports from security researchers. Reports contain information about vulnerabilities, infections and data breaches. Every report is tied up to certain identity, such as IP or email address. When Badrap knows your public IP addresses and email addresses, it can detect if you are on their lists.

Standard reports

Badrap receives regular reports from hand-picked security researchers. Are your assets on their lists?

Custom reports

Make things easy for yourself. Get all your external security reports from one place.

Get security warnings

You can see all your alerts from Badrap's dashboard. Badrap will also warn you via email if something new has been found.

Email warnings

We won't spam. The security researchers we have picked produce only high-quality findings. 98% of our users keep email notifications on.


Review all your assets quickly. O365, Amazon and even your personal assets, all neatly grouped.

Why people love Badrap

Badrap combines enterprise-grade security with a user experience usually seen only in the best consumer services. That is why organisations of different sizes and people with different backgrounds all enjoy the service.

Founded by

Badrap is founded by security veterans, who want to democratise security information sharing.

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Joachim Viide
Bruno Triani
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Heikki Kortti
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See how easy it is to discover your attack surface and get related security warnings.

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