Unleash your social superpowers to stay safe online

Many of us are now working from home like never before. Fortunately, you have social superpowers: Communication, Collaboration, and Community. You can use them to stay safe online and work safely.

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We opened our commercial course for individuals and small companies

Remote workers and their employers have found our online security training fun and useful. It is now free for individuals and small companies to help you get more out of your superpowers in this new situation.

Four out of five love it

We studied what participants think about our course. 81% would like their employer to arrange more courses like this. 86% think the course length was good and 81% said the level of detail in the material is good. Below are some comments from the participants.

Free support for employers

Contact us to arrange this course for your whole company. We can help you to launch the course for all your remote workers as a campaign. We now offer free campaign support for small companies and institutions and discounts for larger ones whose costs we can't carry as a startup by ourselves.

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